Teaching Materials

The utility of JessX

JessX is a software which is already used as a teaching material. Actually, Ecole Centrale Lille which is one of the best engineering school in France, already uses JessX during the lesson of Financial Market for its second years students. JessX is a great support for a teacher to explain in a way how works a real market. JessX is much simpler than the NYSE for example but is very interesting for students because it is a way for them to interact, to make deals and to see different aspects of the job of trader. It is also a very good manner to explain how to calculate the real price of an asset and students could see the difference between the price and the value of an asset. In real stock exchange, one of the base is to know that for different reasons, price and value are different and during a jessX session we generally have a real gap between this two notions. JessX could be very useful for any school or university which teach financial market because jessX is user-friendly, you can explain many phenomenon, you can test different strategy of investment or study asymmetry of information or anything else.

An example of a teaching use of JessX

This is a example of a session which was organised last year at Ecole Centrale de Lille. It gathered about twenty people who used jessX in order to interact on a simulation of stock exchange.

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