The Software

Why is JessX innovating ?

It's major advantage compared with other software of artificial financial markets is the possibility, for the researcher managing the simulation, to send messages to the players, and/or manipulating asymmetric signals. It means that only some players will receive these messages, giving them more information about the market and influencing their behavior on the market. Another innovating aspects is the quantity of "tools" recreating a true stock exchange. For instance, different types of orders are allowed : Limit Orders, Best Limit Orders, Market Orders and Delete Orders. Let's not forget its user-friendly aspect which eases and improves the researcher's work. The two main interfaces (Server and Client) are very intuitive, for the researchers and for the players as well. Last but not least, JessX includes analysis tools, such as graphs and tables. During and after simulations, JessX also export the data provided by the experiments, so that it will be easily processed in a spreadsheet program (like Gnumeric, OOo Calc or Microsoft Excel).

Where can I find it ?

You can download it in the Downloads section. JessX is available under the GNU/GPL license. The main program is available. You will be given the binaries and the sources of the program. Of course you have the right to contribute to the development of the program since you mention its first developers (us!). Best of all, it is completely free.

Latest news...

26/05/08 - New release

The TROBOT team’s work is almost over. In one week time, we will deliver a new version of JessX including two types of robots. As for the original JessX GPL licence, it has been changed to L-GPL for a new release. The version including robots is not opensource for now, but the executable code is downloadable.

10/05/08 - New version of the site

We are happy to show you the new version of the site We hope that you will appreciate this new structure and it would be easier for you to find the information you are looking for.

09/05/08 - Report about jessx's limits

Check it out now! We have done a series of test in order to define the limits of jessX 1.4 and then to help you in your use of jessX. If you have any question about that, don't hesitate to send us an email at

04/04/08 - JessX Client Version 1.4 test finished

Check it out now! It can now sustain heavier experiments. Its capacities are three times what they were on version 1.3.

03/04/08 - JessX Server and Analyser Version 1.4 are available!!!

You can download the new version of JessX which is even more reliable, stable and which has new performance abilities. You can now also define a variable interest rate between different periods. JessX Client 1.4 will arrive shortly as it is currently being tested. Older version of the client are compatible. We let you discover it in downloads.

01/04/08 - A new page is created: Teaching Materials

We are happy to show you another aspect of our project which is the use of JessX as a teaching materials during a class of financial market for example. We encourage you to go to teaching materials part to know a little bit more about this aspect.

25/03/08 - Updating of

Many improvements have already been done on the software. That's why we are pleased to show you the new screenshots of jessX1.3 to help you in its use and it is available in the screenshots part.

16/03/08 - Improvements of the existing software jessX.

JessX was in front of an important issue because its capacity was limited. Our team has worked to find the solution and a new version would be given in the next few days. This version would have a capacity much more important and nowadays users could use jessX during a long time without risks of bugs.

15/03/08 - Implementation of a new interest rate.

Before the interest rate was constant during all the session and the experience, we thought we should improve this aspect to be closer to the reality. That's why we have developped a new version in which you can define different interest rates in each periode of the experiment. This version is under test and would be available on the site in the beginning of April.

14/03/08 - JessX is still developped by a team of students.

The fourth team, called TROBOT , has been working on the software since september 2006. The aim of the team is to develop trader robots which could interact with humans during sessions. The innovation is to create an artificial intelligence which could interact with human. This part of the project is under development, we have finished the modelisation in UML and in the next few days we will begin the implementation.

23/05/06 - A new project team will carry on the developpement of JessX.

The second team is now relayed by another team of developpers. They will take over project JessX, trying to enable sessions not only on small networks, but throught the Internet. These sessions with a lot of participants could be very intersting for the research.

18/05/06 - Release of the version JessX 1.0 and great changes on the web site.

After three years of work, we have arrived at a great version of JessX, reliable, stable, and with a lot of useful functions... The second project members give you their final release : JessX 1.0. Go to the download section to try this version.

02/05/06 - Change of the name of the software.

We have changed the name of our software from jESSE into JessX, also indicating that it is Java Experimental Simulated Stock eXchange.

12/05/05 - New tutorial available

In order to make the installation of JessX and the setting of an experiment more practical, we have made a tutorial. We hope that it will be useful and will incite you to test our software at home.

07/05/05 - New features and new site content!

JessX's development is getting faster. Hence a lot of new features and new things on this site. You will find here a lot of brand-new screenshots. The client interface is almost finished and fully functional (it has been tested two times in real conditions). See the work progress section to know more about the other new features recently implemented.
Moreover, XML log files collected during the past experiments are now available for download.