This kind of very simple scenarios has been developed for training sessions. There is only one kind of asset and lasts 3 minutes (3 periods of one minute). It has been made for beginners who want to take the software in hand and learn every command.

  • Trainning
  • Dot-com bubble:

    Two kinds of assets are exchanged by the players. One of them follows a regular progress. The other, more profitable in the beginning, has increasing dividends which implies an increasing value. A doubt comes next with a short uncertainty period, followed by a crack and a fall of the second asset’s value.

  • Dot-com bubble
  • Several kind on assets:

    The assets are shares and bonds. This kind of scenario has been developed to know if the players prefer security with bonds or if they are ready to take some risks with shares investments.

  • Several kind
  • Divergence:

    Two kinds of assets are exchanged by the players. The value of one of them is increasing during the session while the other’s is decreasing, so we can know when the players start to show less interest to the low value asset.

  • Divergence
  • Stressfull:

    This scenario is a short one (few periods, short durations) with a lot of information about the various markets so we can know if the players are able to manage with this and if they are able to assimilate all that they learn during the session and play with both markets.

  • Stressfull