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Who are we?

We are students from the School of Engineering Ecole Centrale de Lille. logo_accueil icon
Until now, there has been 24 people working on JessX by 4 groups of 6 students each time.
The first team EcoXP initiated the project in september 2003 and has stopped working on it since may 2005. The other team TRADING began in september, 2004 and has contributed to JessX till june, 2006.
From september 2005 a third team, MARKET, worked on the project until may, 2007 in order to improve the design of the client and to create virtual traders, a web platform which uses JessX.
From September 2006, TROBOT, worked on the project until May, 2008, and improved the original software and made it more realistic and more reliable. TROBOT was also on the final phase of developing artificially intelligent trader robots will interact with humans in JessX.
From September 2008, Agent Trader, the last team is working on development of a new type of robot.

The JessX 2008-2010 team (Agent Trader)
The JessX 2006-2008 team (TROBOT)
  • Felipe GATTASS
  • Gael DENIAU
  • Sébastien GOMES
  • Benoît PARIS
  • Julien CHAPLET
The JessX 2005-2007 team (MARKET)
  • Christophe BURLETT
  • Etienne BROUTIN
  • Guillaume TROMP
  • Benoit LEBEGUE
  • Roger ISS
The JessX 2004-2006 team (TRADING)
  • Clément PLAIGNAUD
  • Mohamed HAMAMOUCHI
  • Jérémy STREQUE
  • Charles MONTEZ
  • Christophe GROSJEAN
  • Tian XIA
The JessX 2003-2005 team (EcoXP)
  • Thierry CURTIL
  • Imad DAOUDI
  • Franck LASRY
  • Franck PEREZ
  • Julien TERRIER
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