A quick overview

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The project JessX and its creators...

Main goal

JessX Project's main goal is to create a program allowing for the simulation of a financial market with realistic features (such as an order book and realistic orders). Researchers and teachers in Finance may find it helpful in their works. It is, ceteris-paribus, inspired by the Euronext- NYSE microstructure (order-driven, continuous).

Where can I find it?

You can find further information in The Software. You can download it in the Downloads section. JessX is available under GNU/GPL license for releases 1.0 to 1.4. The main program is therefore freely available. You will be given the binaries and the sources of the program. You have the right to contribute to the development of the program since you mention its first developers.

A brief description of ourselves

Olivier Brandouy, the partner of the project, is a professor of Finance at LEM: Lille-Economics-Management. JessX has been developed under his joint supervision with Rémi Bachelet professor of Gestion de projet at Ecole Centrale de Lille.

Our college:
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We are all students at Ecole Centrale de Lille, a french "Grande Ecole", graduate engineering school. During our first two years here, we have to accomplish a project by teams of 6 people. Until now, there have been 24 people working on JessX since 2003. Therefore, 5 teams have contributed to this project.

Developers team:

Diane COURTOIS: Responsible for third-party asset management. Contact: diane.courtois@centraliens-lille.org.

Yann ADEM: Responsible for outside communication. Contact: yann.adem@centraliens-lille.org.

Xavier BOIVINET: Responsible for the inside communication/organization of the team. Contact: xavier.boivinet@centraliens-lille.org.

Marceau BOUCLY: Responsible for the outside events (world forum in Lille, France). Contact: marceau.boucly@centraliens-lille.org.

Yoann COZ: Responsible for the webmastering/development of the robots. Contact: yoann.coz@centraliens-lille.org.

Benoit LEBARS: Responsible for the robots' programming. Contact: benoit.lebars@centraliens-lille.org.

Alexandre TILL: Responsible for the the financial aspect. Contact: alexandre.till@centraliens-lille.org.

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